Food Styling Training


I also offer food styling training and consultations to food companies, restaurants, caterers, magazines, and newspapers  for their in-house staff.  This includes training in food styling as well as creating simple videos and photo for your social media or website.   I know there are many companies that are start ups and “DIY” companies so my goal is to help your team learn to work with your products and make them look beautiful for photos or video. I understand that pictures truly are worth a thousand words and that having gorgeous shots of your products for your website, social media and marketing projects is an essential part of increasing sales. I offer 1-5 day customized workshops for your staff based on your needs and your products. Do you need to learn how to make food videos of your products or recipes? Or do you need some simple light set ups for food photography to capture your products for your website?  For a free consultation to discover how this may work for your business, call  me today at 414-412-3663.

Food Styling Training for Restaurants

Are you a restaurant or food company who is desiring beautiful food photography of your chef’s creations but don’t have the budget for a professional food stylist and food photographer team? Or are you a start up food company taking your own food photographs for your website but unhappy with the results? I understand your dilemma! And I have a great solution. I know what it takes to make your food look delicious and attention getting. I am a professional in creating gorgeous food for both food photography and food video. I understand which food photos sell products and attract more customers. I also understand your budget concerns. Just ask, I am happy to help you find that right solution to make your food look amazing for your food photography and food videos.

Food Styling Training For Food Bloggers and Those Interested in a Career in Food Styling

Are you a food blogger or avid cook or baker who wants to learn how to make your food look beautiful for the camera? Perhaps you need some tips in working more efficiently? Are you dying to know what tools professional food stylists use to get there food looking so delicious and fresh? Do you ever wonder about a career in the food styling industry? Several times a year Jennifer runs classes for those interested in learning about this fun and lucrative field. Sign up here to get notification of our upcoming classes:

Food Styling Workshops

Join Jennifer Janz for a food styling workshop where you will learn how to style food for the camera. Jennifer teaches the latest techniques and tricks for getting your food to look beautiful and delicious on camera.

2020 Workshops:

  Grilled Meats and Melting Cheese

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020. 9:30 – 4:30. Fred Meyer Stadium Store Demonstration Kitchen. 100 NW 20th Pl, Portland, OR 97209

Sign up Early. Class Space is Limited to 12 Participants

Here’s a quick peek at what you will learn:

  • Burgers – Grilled to perfection. How to cook them and keep them looking hot and juicy on set.
  • Steak – Hot off the grill. How to make beautiful grill marks, how to cook them for cutting them open as well as tricks for getting the right color for on camera.
  • Sausage – Fresh and precooked – How to get the most from your sausage products. From cooking to that freshly grilled look, we will discuss the many challenges and how to overcome them when it comes to styling sausage for photography.
  • Bacon – Do you want that perfect wavy looking bacon for your photo? Let’s learn how to make it in any kitchen.
  • Ribs – Ribs are difficult to style for the camera. The overall darkness of the char marks as well as the sauce can make this a troublesome food to style. Jennifer will show you how to get that delicious finger licking good look.
  • Sandwiches – Whether it’s burgers or sausage on a bun, we will cover some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to sandwich styling. This will include how to keep your rolls and bread looking fresh and keep them from cracking as well as what the steps are to building your sandwich.
  • Cheese – Melting cheese is a tough food to style. It doesn’t look amazing and melty for long. Learn what cheeses work best for melting as well as how to handle melting cheese long enough to get that perfect shot.

Jennifer will demonstrate and discuss the special equipment used for styling as well as how to set yourself up for success on the day of your photo shoot. In the afternoon attendees will have an opportunity to work with the tools and techniques learned in class. Your workshop includes lunch, coffee and snacks.

For more information or to sign up, visit The Food Styling Store:


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