The Food Styling School

The Food Styling School is the place that foodies go to learn food styling for the camera. The school offers a variety of membership levels from home cook to food blogger and those desiring to be professional food stylists. There are classes and live workshops from weekend bootcamps to 8 week video courses.

Professional food stylist Jennifer Janz teaches not only food styling techniques and tricks to making food look gorgeous and delicious for the camera but she offers classes in how to monetize your talents and run a successful food styling, food photography or food blogging business. All of the classes except for the bootcamps are on video so can be watched when it is convenient for you but have group time together online, homework for review and many opportunities to interact with Jennifer to ask questions about techniques. Jennifer has spent 25 years in the photography industry on thousands of advertising and editorial photo shoots and is passionate about teaching her craft to you.


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For Those Interested in Learning Food styling for Blogging or Editorial Work