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Seattle . Chicago . Las Vegas . Milwaukee 

I am Jennifer Janz, owner of A Fabulous Food Stylist & Co. I have been a food stylist for over 25 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  My experience is in all facets of food styling: food packaging, advertising, tv commercials, cookbooks and magazines. I am a professional freelance food stylist based out of Portland, Oregon but have many clients and work as a local in Seattle, Chicago and Milwaukee. I travel all over the U.S. I have a passion for food and photography. When I say “do what you love” I am truly speaking from experience.

Food Styling Services

I offer professional food styling services for both Print and Motion Advertising Photography, Magazine and Cookbook work as well as Food Packaging. I have extensive experience as a lead food stylist in all areas of food styling. I can put together a large scale on location team in a snap. I also love traveling so leave the details up to me. You can take a look at my client list and portfolio of work here. Call 414-412-3663 to inquire on a booking.

  Customized Food Styling Training for businesses

I also offer food styling training and consultations to food companies, restaurants, caterers, magazines, and newspapers  for their in-house staff.  This includes training in food styling as well as creating simple videos and photo for your social media or website.   I know there are many companies that are start ups and “DIY” companies so my goal is to help your team learn to work with your products and make them look beautiful for photos or video. I understand that pictures truly are worth a thousand words and that having gorgeous shots of your products for your website, social media and marketing projects is an essential part of increasing sales. I offer 1-5 day customized workshops for your staff based on your needs and your products. Do you need to learn how to make food videos of your products or recipes? Or do you need some simple light set ups for food photography to capture your products for your website?  For a free consultation to discover how this may work for your business, call  me today at 414-412-3663.

Is this you?

Are you a restaurant or food company who is desiring beautiful food photography of your chef’s creations but don’t have the budget for a professional food stylist and food photographer team? Or are you a start up food company taking your own food photographs for your website but unhappy with the results? I understand your dilemma! And I have a great solution. I know what it takes to make your food look delicious and attention getting. I am a professional in creating gorgeous food for both food photography and food video. I understand which food photos sell products and attract more customers. I also understand your budget concerns. Just ask, I am happy to help you find that right solution to make your food look amazing for your food photography and food videos.

Call me at 414-412-3663 to ask me questions, get a quote or to hire me in your city!

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